Peter Finance Control Management
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As we all know, Cash is king! The control of the resources of a company is the main source of its existence. This includes primarily cash. Without money, you cannot meet the obligations of having a business or even meet your financial needs. Without money, your company ultimately will be declaring bankrupt and it will cease to operate. Finance revolves around your resources.

All the funds in your company which is your capital are designed to contribute to your "return on investment'. In other words, pay out the best dividends. Finance is setting up the right policies and procedures for these resources to get the best dividends.

Within your current organization, there are often improvements to achieve a better value for money. Like cost savings, the setting up of cost price calculations to determine where your margins lay and improve processes. It pays to go through your costs to see where you can save money.

Are there certain expenses necessary? Often, certain contracts continue without critical review or benchmark/comparison with other suppliers. This is also one of the aspects at stake with finance, because lesser costs mean more good results for you!