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PFCM started from a vision of linking being an auditor and an entrepreneur. PFCM wants to offer entrepeneurs like me to face certain issues in finance, control and management level and find solutions to every problem.

I was raised in an entrepreneurial family, so running a business is therefore familiar ground to me. I know how it is to run a business and I would like to give the same  support to companies in achieving their goals with my knowledge and skills as my family have.

Since 1998, I am in the field on various financial, control and management functions. I started as an assistant accountant in which I did administrations of various customers. In addition to this function, I followed my bachelor’s degree course in Finance. After a year, I was granted with the opportunity to manage the accounts for the firm members. I also supported in auditing contracts for large companies and I had a number of customers that I visited myself. I wanted to have more responsibility, so after 5 years in accountancy, I started as an administrator in a construction firm. This firm had around 40 FTE employees and I was there to make sure that everything is well in the administration and payroll. When the processes ran smoothly and there was sufficient control, my job is extended for personnel matters. As head of personnel, I was not only responsible for payroll, but also in performance interviews, re-integration and the observance of the collective bargaining in a turbulent time.

Action is in my blood, after 3 years in this company, I worked for almost 5 years in a large public company. Here I started as a finance and administration manager. In addition to these duties I started with a Master degree in order to develop my finance and control knowledge and skills. I finished my Master degree in Finance and Control in 2010. After a company change, I was made responsible for the order administration, which implies all orders and billing within the Netherlands (around 50,000 customers). During this time I was asked to join the Holding. There I was responsible for consolidating all the numbers and reporting to the Executive Board. At this stage I had to control about 61 divisions. However I missed out on the interaction with management, the business and setting the right strategy. I have therefore decided to start my own company to support companies in the creation of (administrative) processes, the improvement of the (administrative) organization and internal control, the determination of the right strategy and improvement of the (adLinkedinministrative) procedures and information.

For an overview of my services you can consult this link, for my experiences you can consult Linkedin.

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With kind regards,

Peter Hoogervorst MFC, owner PFCM